Community Partners

Students in the Special Concentration in Forensic Psychology are required to complete two 40-hour practica in approved forensically-relevant settings; one practicum in each year of the program. Students will be encouraged to explore options and opportunities for doing a placement in their home communities.

Each practicum will allow students to: (1) observe/shadow psychologists and other forensic staff in their work; (2) receive relevant on-the-job training; and (3) work with a trained staff member during their interactions with at-risk individuals, victims of crime, and/or perpetrators of crime.

Potential sites for the required practica include the following:

  1. Springhill Institution for Men (medium-security federal prison), Springhill, NS
  2. Nova Institution for Women (multilevel security federal prison), Truro, NS
  3. Dorchester Penitentiary (medium-security federal prison), Dorchester, NB
  4. Westmorland Institution for Men (medium-security federal prison), Dorchester, NB
  5. Atlantic Institution for Men (maximum-security federal prison), Renous, NB
  6. Dartmouth and Halifax Federal Parole Offices, Halifax, NS
  7. Provincial Court, Antigonish, NS; New Glasgow, NS, Port Hawkesbury, NS
  8. Supreme Court, Antigonish, NS; Pictou, NS
  9. Tearmann House, New Glasgow, NS
  10. Mental Health Court, Dartmouth, NS
  11. Nova Scotia Youth Facility, Waterville, NS
  12. Children's Aid Services, New Glasgow, NS
  13. Addictions Services, Antigonish, NS; Pictou, NS; Port Hawkesbury, NS
  14. IWK Youth Forensic Services, Halifax, NS
  15. East Coast Forensic Hospital, Dartmouth, NS