Guide to Virtual Care

Your Guide to Virtual Care

We are here for you! Our team is still providing care during these challenging times. We want to stay connected and we have the capacity to provide care.

The St FX Health & Counselling Centre will be offering virtual care/telecare. This refers to services that are provided by videoconferencing (telephone when technology problems arise) and e-mail.

Virtual care involves meeting with your counsellor, doctor or nurse to receive real-time care remotely via the internet (or phone when the technology fails or is unavailable) without coming to the Health & Counselling Centre. Not all services can be provided through virtual care, so at times you may have to come to the Health & Counselling Centre or may be advised to go to the Emergency Room for in-person care.

PLEASE DO NOT DROP-IN TO THE HEALTH & COUNSELLING CENTRE! Come to the Health & Counselling Centre only if you have a booked appointment and have been advised to attend in-person.

The St. FX Health & Counselling Centre will be using Health Myself to provide a secure and convenient way for clients and their healthcare providers to engage online.

The portal offers a variety of features to enhance your experience as a client, such as:

  • Online booking with the Intake Nurse
  • Book and manage your appointments securely and conveniently online without the need to call the office.
    • View availabilities and book them instantly online
    • View your upcoming appointments
    • Receive automatic e-mail appointment reminders to your St. FX e-mail account
    • Cancel appointments online
  • Secure e-mail feature to communicate with staff


REGISTER with Health Myself to access services at the Health & Counselling Centre.


  • You will receive an e-mail on your St. FX e-mail account inviting you to register for the portal.  Please accept the invitation to join the Health Myself Patient Portal. You will be guided through the registration process.  Once registered, you are good to go for online bookings.



  • Log in to the Health Myself portal and select “Book Appointment”.
  • Select Intake
  • You will be given the opportunity to book the next available appointment. If that one does not suit your schedule, select “View all available” for a greater selection.
  • Select the appointment time on your preferred date and select “submit” – it’s that easy!
  • You will receive an email confirmation as well as a reminder email 48 hours before the appointment. 



  • Ensure you are using a fast, reliable and password-protected internet connection.
  • Ensure your privacy settings allow access to your camera and microphone.
  • Test your camera and microphone to see that they are working.
  • Sit in a well-lit, distraction-free location where you can freely discuss private matters.
  • Have your provincial healthcard/international insurance and student ID available.
  • Know the name, address and phone number of the pharmacy you will be using.
  • On your first visit, test your connection at least 5 minutes before to troubleshoot any issues. See troubleshooting below or contact us at 902-867-2263.
  • See Appendix 2 for further details.



Please watch this short “how-to” video ( that will review all the steps you need to know to test your ability to connect and how to connect on the day of your appointment.

You will receive an e-mail 48 hrs prior to your appointment with instructions on how to join; do not delete this e-mail. Be sure to do a test of your connection prior to your appointment to work out any problems (the video will show you how). You can call 1-855-252-2632 for technical assistance should you need help.

Basic steps for connecting on the day of your appointment:

  • Open the e-mail you received regarding your appointment.
  • If asked, allow your browser to access your camera and mic.
  • Choose “Attend virtual visit”.
  • When ready, choose “Join virtual visit”.
  • Wait for your provider to join the visit. You will see your provider once they join the call. Please be patient, as sometimes the provider may be a few minutes late.
  • At the end of the visit, your provider will end the visit; you should close your browser.



During your appointment with the Intake Nurse, you will be asked to provide your consent to engage in virtual care. 

While we have chosen a secure platform, as with the use of any form of electronic communication, there is no guarantee that it is completely secure. Please review Appendix 1 for risks.

After your visit with the Intake Nurse, you will receive a consent form through the secure messaging feature of the Health Myself platform. Read the consent form; if you have any questions, contact us at 902-867-2263. Complete the consent form by checking the boxes and return the form by e-mail through Health Myself.



  • Secure messaging allows us to contact you by e-mail through the Health Myself Portal in a more secure manner than standard email. You will receive a message in your St. FX e-mail advising you to log-in to the Health Myself portal to retrieve the message.
  • Secure messaging is intended to be used for NON-URGENT questions related to appointment rescheduling, test results, provision of information, requests for requisitions, etc.
  • This service is not intended as a direct line to your doctor for clinical questions or concerns.



Are virtual visits secure?

We value your privacy, but we know that no video, audio or messaging tools are ever completely secure.**  With that in mind, we have selected an encrypted platform to enable virtual care visits and messaging, so that your information is as secure as possible. To ensure security, you should use anti-virus/malware safeguards on your devices and password-protected internet connections.         ** See appendix for a detailed explanation of risks.


Can new prescriptions or refills be provided during virtual care?

Commonly prescribed medications may be prescribed/refilled during virtual care at the doctor’s discretion.

Prescriptions will be sent directly to a specific pharmacy for pick-up in person, so please be prepared to supply the name, address and phone number of the pharmacy you will be using.


Is there additional cost for virtual care visits?

There is no cost for clients attending the St. FX Health & Counselling Centre with Canadian provincial health care (?PQ) or the International Student health insurance.

Troubleshooting: My camera/microphone is not working!

  • See if your camera/microphone settings are properly set.
  • Check if your microphone is muted.
  • Check to see if your volume is low.
  • Check to see if you are using the correct camera.
  • Check if your browser/ app? Is up-to-date.
  • Refresh your browser or try another browser.
  • Check if your anti-virus or firewall is blocking access.
  • Delete and re-install your application.
  • Restart your device.

What happens if the connection is slow or disrupted?

  • If using Wi-Fi consider switching to a wired connection or using data.
  • The healthcare provider will call you on your cell phone if the connection fails, so be sure that the clinic has your current cell phone number.


How do I check or update my audio and video permissions?

To check whether your privacy settings allow apps to access your camera and microphone:

Windows: Settings > Privacy > Toggle Microphone & Camera to On

Mac/OSx: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Camera / Microphone – Click checkbox to allow permissions

Android: System > Apps & Notifications > App Permissions – Check that Microphone and Camera are turned on for app

iPhone: Settings > Privacy – Check that Microphone and Camera are turned on.

NOTE: Exact steps may differ based on the device/version




We very much look forward to working with you in this new online capacity.

For more information, contact the St. FX Health & Counselling Centre @ 902-867-2263.


Appendix 1


The healthcare providers and staff of the St. FX Health & Counselling Centre will use reasonable means to protect the security and confidentiality of information sent and received. However, because of the risks outlined below, the Health & Counselling Centre cannot guarantee the security and confidentiality of electronic communications:

 •  Use of electronic communications to discuss sensitive information can increase the risk of such information being disclosed to third parties.

•  Despite reasonable efforts to protect the privacy and security of electronic communication, it is not possible to completely secure the information.

•  Employers and online services may have a legal right to inspect and keep electronic communications that pass through their system.

•  Electronic communications can introduce malware into a computer system, and potentially damage or disrupt the computer, networks, and security settings.

•  Electronic communications can be forwarded, intercepted, circulated, stored, or even changed without the knowledge or permission of the healthcare providers and staff of the Health & Counselling Centre or the client. 

•  Even after the sender and recipient have deleted copies of electronic communications, back-up copies may exist on a computer system.

•  Electronic communications may be disclosed in accordance with a duty to report or a court order.

•  Videoconferencing using services such as Skype or FaceTime may be more open to interception than other forms of videoconferencing. 

•  Email can more easily be misdirected, resulting in increased risk of being received by unintended and unknown recipients.

 •  Email can be easier to falsify than handwritten or signed hard copies. It is not feasible to verify the true identity of the sender, or to ensure that only the recipient can read the message once it has been sent.


Appendix 2


Instructions For Using Electronic Communications/Virtual Appointments:

  • You must register with Health Myself (see for a link)
  • You must have a computer (camera and microphone), necessary equipment and internet access for virtual appointments. If you meet the technology requirements for online learning (found at you will be able to use our services.
  • Reasonably limit or avoid using an employer’s or other third party’s computer.
  • Do not use/avoid use of unsecured public networks.
  • Use of an Ethernet connection, rather than a Wi-Fi connection, will result in a better connection.
  • Arrange to be in a private location with good lighting for your appointment.
  • If you have others listening/participating in the virtual care visit, please inform your healthcare provider.
  • Do not to record virtual care appointments.
  • Once a virtual care visit is complete, you are expected to disconnect immediately.
  • Please dress as though it were an in-person appointment.
  • Please insure we have an up-to-date cell phone number prior to your visit to insure that we can reach you should there be problems with the technology.
  • Using e-mail messaging:
    • Include an informative subject line, i.e., prescription refill, follow-up appointment, etc.
    • Review your message before sending to be sure it is clear and provides all the relevant information.
    • Allow “read receipts”.
    • Use password protection on all your devices.
    • While the healthcare providers and staff of the St. FX Health & Counselling Centre will attempt to review and respond in a timely fashion to your e-mail, they cannot guarantee that all messages will be reviewed and responded to within any specific period of time. E-mail is not be used for medical emergencies or other time-sensitive matters. Please call the Health & Counselling Centre (902-867-2263) to see if a nurse is available to take your call or  use the Telecare 811 service to speak with a nurse 24/7 or go to the nearest emergency room if your need is urgent.







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