Health and Counselling Centre


The StFX Health & Counselling Centre is closed for the summer and will re-open on September 6th, 2022.

If you have questions on the services we offer, please contact: Margie McKinnon, Director @ or Ivan Drouin, Psychologist @

Thank-you and have a safe and healthy summer!


The following resources are also available in the community:

Lindsay's Health Centre for Women (Thursdays only, by appointment only)
219 Main St., Suite 204
Please call and leave a message or drop into the Antigonish Women's Resource Centre
Men's Health Centre (Tuesdays only, 9am-12pm, by appointment only)
275 Main St., Suite 103




Flourish@X is all about taking care of your mental health in proactive ways, through participation in activities and programs that help to build healthy coping skills and resilience.  Flourish@X programs and initiatives take a holistic approach to student wellness.  We collaborate with community partners to support students’ mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, and we create opportunities for students to build connections and community.  Appreciating and celebrating the diversity of our community, we want all students to discover their own ways to flourish during their time at StFX!  Check out the Flourish@X Facebook page and for more information about our programs click here .


Local and Online Health Resources for Students

Local Resources

Links to resources on campus and within Antigonish:

  • StFX Health and Counselling Centre (CLOSED UNTIL SEPTEMBER) 
    • Located on StFX campus, the Health and Counselling Centre offers mental health support through appointments with a counsellor, nurse, or doctor
    • 305 Bloomfield Centre; 902-867-2263 (M+Th: 8:30 am- 8:00 pm T,W+F: 8:30 am- 4:30 pm)
  • Visible@X Sexual Violence Prevention and Response
    • StFX Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Advocate: 313D Bloomfield Centre
    • Email:  Phone: 902-867-5601
  • StFX Peer Support program
    • Service offered through the StFX Students’ Union.  Trained student volunteers provide support to peers by listening and by helping to direct students to relevant resources
    • The peer support program is open from 12-5pm on weekdays in Bloomfield 417  
  • Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre
    • Offers informationsupport, and programs to women and adolescent girls.  Includes advocacy, health services, crisis intervention, sexual assault services    
  • Men’s Health Centre
    • Offers informationsupport, and programs to men and adolescent boys (aged 12 years an over) within areas such as physical health, mental and emotional health, and sexual health   
  • Naomi Society
    • Offers support to those experiencing family and intimate partner violence 
    • Direct services are available for women and children, while referral services are available for men   

Links to online resources and mental health information:

  • Healthy Minds NS
    • Includes four different online mental health supports for StFX students.
    • These resources can help to complement in-person supports, but they can also be used on their own
      • Togetherall - a safe, online community where people support each other anonymously to improve mental health and wellbeing.
      • TAO self-help – includes a variety of interactive modules.  Use your student email to create a personalized account.
      • Good2Talk - This is a free helpline offering confidential support from professional counsellors to any university student who is studying at a university in Nova Scotia.  To talk to someone just call 1-833-292-3698.
      • Crisis Text Line – A volunteer support service providing text-based support to university students using the Kids Help Phone platform.  To connect, just text Good2TalkNS to 686868
  • NS Health COVID-Specific Mental Health Tools and Information
    • A variety of free mental online eMental Health resources and tips, to support Nova Scotians through COVID
  • Be There Resource from
    • is a Canadian charity focused on providing mental health information and training supports to young adults so they can identify and eliminate barriers to help-seeking  
    • Be There is a resource that provides young adults with information and tips on how to recognize and best support someone who is struggling with their mental health
  • Transitions
    • Transitions is a document developed by to help university students make the transition to university.  It includes information on mental health and mental illness, relationships, time management, sexual activity and more
  • Heads-up Guys
    • A mental health resource made for men by men.  This resource provides information about recognizing the symptoms of Depression, managing symptoms, and help-seeking
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
    • Mental Health 101 resource
      • Online resource that provides free tutorials to learn about mental health


StFX does not tolerate Sexualized violence. Visible@X is StFX’s sexual violence prevention and response portal.  This page contains important information about the Sexual Violence Responce Policy and reporting processes as well as the many services and supports available to students impacted by sexualized violence.  If you are in need of support or would like more information about our resources, please contact Heather Blackburn the Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Advocate at

Visible @ X: Sexual Violence Prevention