Designated Courses

Designated Courses

Students in the BASc in Health will need to complete courses in three areas of study pertaining to health. These are:


The Biomedical Concentration focuses on concepts from the natural sciences that inform our
understanding of health (e.g., biochemical, genetic, developmental, immunological, and
physiological aspects of biological structures and functions), as well as some methods by which
biomedical innovation is undertaken. Students will examine the relationship between these
concepts and health, illness, disease, pain, and disability. However, the complexity of health
cannot be considered solely in biological terms.

Social Determinants and Health Equity

The Social Determinants and Health Equity Concentration focuses on the social and
environmental factors that influence health on individual and population levels (e.g., age,
gender, social and community networks, housing, education, employment, agriculture and food
production, water and sanitation, healthcare services, governance and policy). Students will
examine the relationship between inequities and the determinants of health across different
historical periods, societies, and cultures.

Health Humanities

Students will be required to complete courses from a Health Humanities cluster. Recent
research has suggested that one of the best ways to prepare future health practitioners for the
multiplicity of disciplinary and cultural perspectives on health is to study health through
humanist lenses. Studying how health is discussed in the histories, literatures and religious texts
of various present and past cultures reminds students continually of the various ways health
and illness, able embodiment, and disability have been configured and reconfigured across
different times, spaces, and perspectives.