Robert Zecker (on sabbatical 2022-2023)

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Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
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Global History Since 1300
The United States before 1865
The United States after 1865
American Social Movements,1945-Present
The Place of Race in United States

Research Interests

Race, immigration, ethnicity, labor, radicalism, social movements, urban history.

Publications & Conferences


America’s Immigrant Press: How the Slovaks Were Taught to Think Like White People. New York: Continuum, 2011.  


Articles/Book Chapters

“‘They Roamed All Over Fixing Things’: The Migratory Tinkers of Slovakia,” The Journal of American Ethnic History, Vol. 35 No. 2 (Fall 2015):  38-70.
“'We Dare Entertain Thoughts not to the Liking of Present-Day Bigots': Radical Slavs, Race, Civil Rights and Anti-Communism in Red-Scare America," The Journal of the Canadian Historical Association, Vol. 25, No.2 (2015):  117-158.


[Forthcoming] 2016, " 'Our Workers' Holiday is not a Day or Rest and Play': Class-Conscious Fun with Radical Immigrants, 1920-1955," paper to be presented to Popular Culture Association Conference, Seattle, March 22-26.
2014, "'A Mandolin Orchestra Could Attract a Lot of Attention': Interracial Fun with Radical Immigrants, 1930-1954," paper presented to American Studies Association Conference, Los Angeles, November 6-9.
2013, "Radical Slavs, Race and Anti-Communism, 1930-1954," paper presented to Whiteness: Exploring Critical Issues Conference, Oxford University, Oxford, July 22-24.