Students launch open access digital undergraduate history journal – April 2015


The Killick
A new, student-run digital undergraduate journal has debuted at StFX.  StFX’s student History Society and the Department of History are proud to announce the publication of the first volume of its open access, digitally accessible undergraduate history journal, The Killick.

Journal articles are written, reviewed, edited and published entirely by 20 student volunteers from departments and programs as varied as history, aquatic resources, education and physics. 

“Congratulations to the editor-in-chief, Chris Greencorn, to Rachel Burton, the assistant editor, and to the students from across campus who participated in some way in the writing, editing and/or publishing process,” says Dr. Donna Trembinski, chair of the History Department.  

Mr. Greencorn says he was inspired to start The Killick when he discovered the University of Victoria Undergraduate History Society's journal, The Corvette, last spring. 
“It started out as something neat to do with the society,” he says. “I had a job to do, and wanted to do it well. But quickly it became something a bit bigger than that.”  The journal helps promote the academic culture at StFX, he says. 

The journal is freely accessible online at