Employee and Family Assistance Program

Employee and Family Assistance Program: 

Offering an employee & family assistance program means that all members of our benefit plans have access to a safe, confidential resource to manage stressful circumstances and personal issues. Around-the-clock access to professional assessments and counselling is a tremendous asset for employees navigating complex life challenges like finances, relationships, retirement and health concerns.  

Please note that access to these services is provided for any eligible members of our benefit plans and their eligible dependents. EFAP offers a range of services to assist people on a wide variety of personal and work-related issues, such as marital and family, child-related, alcohol and drug, other addictions, emotional, vocational and career related financial/legal. 

Confidential counselling and work/life services are available, at no cost, to each eligible employee or eligible family member 

To learn more about the services or to access EFAP, call 

Toll Free number    1-844-880-9142 (accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) 

Employer Name     St. Francis Xavier University




Health and wellbeing are personal and unique to everyone. As a global leader in wellbeing support, we know there are four key areas that affect our overall health and wellness. These four areas – what we call pillars of wellbeing – are mental, physical, social, and financial. The interconnectedness of these pillars cannot be understated; Mental affects physical, physical affects mental, mental impacts social, financial impacts social, and on it goes.

Articles, videos and podcasts on body, mind, personal finances, relationships and work, help members to preventatively maintain their total wellbeing. 



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