Human Kinetics

As a StFX Human Kinetics student, you will pursue a four-year integrated program that focuses on human body movement from a variety of perspectives (athletic therapy, biomechanics, disability, exercise physiology, gender, growth, health, history, motor control, philosophy, physical education, sociology, psychology)

You will be well-prepared after graduation to enter the workforce, apply to professional programs (e.g. physiotherapy or occupational therapy) or medical school, or pursue graduate studies.

Why Study Human Kinetics at StFX?

Movement is essential to life. Students learn how to create, interact, think, grow, communicate, and connect through physical movement. The department’s reputation attracts some of the foremost experts in the field of Human Kinetics who you will interact and have research opportunities with.

You will study in a program offering breadth, depth and holistic applied approaches (including skill courses such as yoga and golf). Opportunities for Service Learning Experiences for physical activity with a variety of individuals: Toddlers (Fit 4 Tots), Children (Fit 4 Life + Gymnastics) Individuals with disabilities (Motor Activities with X: Learn to skate for children with autism, and sledge hockey) and Seniors (Aging and Exercise). This leads to the development of well-rounded graduates who excel in the community directly or in advanced studies.

Rewarding Careers in Human Kinetics

Students typically pursue Human Kinetics with the intention of furthering their studies in Education, Medicine, Coaching, Athletic Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Massage therapy, Chiropractor, Recreational Therapy, Fitness Training, Exercise instruction, Graduate Research in Kinesiology, administrators with sport governing bodies, sport event organizing, or sports policy, etc.

Flexible Degree Choices

Several degree choices are available. You can pursue Human Kinetics from an Arts or Science perspective and then stream your Human Kinetics education in:

  • Kinesiology (the most general pathway for Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation, Athletic Therapy, Fitness Training, Masters/PhD in KIN, etc.)

  • Pre-Education (prep for Physical Education with Teachables)

  • Health Sciences (prep for Medicine, Optometry, Dentistry)

  • Human Nutrition (opportunity to pursue HNU Degree in 5th year)

  • Minor in Math, Diploma in Engineering (5-year Degree)

  • Sport Management Minor (take Business and Sports Management courses)

What some StFX HKIN Grads do with their Degree


Gerry Dee

Actor, comedian, physical education teacher



Honourable Sean Fraser

Member of Parliament for Central Nova and Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship



Ghislaine Landry

Olympic rugby player, sports activist, and Top BA HKIN Student in 2010



Maggie MacDonnell

Winner of Global Teacher Prize



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