Angie Kolen

Saputo Centre
(902) 867-3540
Research Interests: 
Physical Activity Promotion, Particularly to Children and Youth; Service Learning as an Effective Teaching Methodology

Angie grew up in Saskatoon and Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She completed a BSPE (Bachelor of Science in Physical Education), MSc in Physical Education, and a PhD in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan. Angie is an Outstanding Teacher Award winner (StFX 2005), Atlantic Association of Universities Distinguished Teaching Award winner (2007), and a 3M National Teaching Fellow (2010). The research for her MSc focused on body image, social physique anxiety, and risk for developing an eating disorder. The research for her PhD focused on the tracking of physical activity from childhood to adult years. Angie arrived at StFX in 2001 and currently teaches the introductory Human Kinetics course as well as two courses within her specialization – Child Growth and Development and Health Education. The latter classes provide an opportunity for Service Learning and in particular the chance to work with her and her Fit 4 Life programs. Fit 4 Life is an inclusive after school program for elementary school children where low organized games are played. Fit 4 Lifestyles is a classroom-based program that follows Fit 4 Life and focuses on healthy eating and lifestyles. Fit 4 Life Tots in an exploratory movement program for children under the age of 5 years. A main focus of Angie’s current research relates to the physical activity levels and dietary intake of children and youth living in Nova Scotia. Her other interest relates to the effective teaching of university students.