Why a Degree in HK at StFX

There are plenty of reasons to make a Human Kinetics degree at StFX your next step after high school. Entering directly from high school is a good decision because our programs have become in such demand that we have very little room for students wishing to transfer after they’ve entered university.

Flexible Options
Human Kinetics at StFX has evolved out of Physical Education and as such, we are still well suited at preparing students for a future degree in Education and related careers; however, Human Kinetics is far more comprehensive than its predecessor. Our students are free to include virtually any Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, etc.) or Art (History, English, Psychology, Political Science, etc.) course offered at StFX to prepare them for their specific future goals.  Students can also earn a BA HKIN with a Minor in Sport Management Degree.

Take Advantage of Our Pre-Med Stream
Numerous Human Kinetics graduates have successfully gained acceptance into Medical School after completing our Major in Kinesiology with a Minor in Health Science Degree. This program was thoughtfully designed to prepare students for future degrees in fields such as Medicine, Dentistry, and Optometry. In addition to our core Human Kinetics courses such as Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics, students are exposed to challenging science offerings including Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics, Physics, and Microbiology and social science courses like Psychology and Sociology.

Two Degrees in Five Years (HKIN + Nutrition or Engineering)
After completing our innovative Major in Kinesiology with a Minor in Human Nutrition degree, students may return for a 5th year and earn a second full degree in Human Nutrition. This combination of expertise in nutrition and physical activity sets our students apart. Students may also choose the combination of an HKIN Degree with a Diploma in Engineering, which will give them enhanced opportunities in the fields of Sports Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. 

Minor in Sport Management
The Minor in Sport Management is an exciting option for students in either Business Administration or Human Kinetics (Arts). Launched in 2018 as a unique partnership between the BBA and HKIN programs, students in either program can complete 24 credits in foundational courses including sports ethics, sports marketing, sport history, and more. The field of sport management is broad, covering management in the context of professional, amateur, and intercollegiate sports as well as community recreation, and is experiencing rapid growth world-wide. This Minor prepares both BBA and HKIN students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in the field of sport management, and for careers working with sport organizations (recreational and elite) and communities. Students earn the Minor concurrently with their chosen Major in either the Business Administration or Human Kinetics programs. The Minor begins with a first year Introduction to Sport Management course and, progressing within a cohort, students who meet the eligibility requirements build upon this foundational material each year in courses that draw upon the concepts and skills brought to the Minor by both partnering programs.