200 Level

HNU 225 Foundations of Professional Practice

This course introduces the foundational knowledge and competencies integral to the dietetics profession. Students will review the nutrition care process and explore ethical practice, evidence–based decision making, and apply knowledge and skills essential for effective communication and collaboration. It will provide an understanding of adult learning principles with a focus on self-directed learning, reflective practice, and an introduction to behaviour change theories in the context of dietetics.  Credit will only be granted for one of HNU 225 or 325. Prerequisite: HNU 142. Three credits and a lab. 

242 Foundations of Nutrition Science (HNU 261)

Students will learn the fundamentals of the science of nutrition with emphasis on energy, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals required by humans. The functions of these nutrients, their food sources and how the body handles them will be discussed within the framework of nutrition in the promotion of health and the prevention of chronic disease. Credit will be granted for only one of HNU 242/215/261. Prerequisites: one of HNU 135/142/161; CHEM 102; BIOL 111. Three credits.

262 : Principles of Nutrition in Human Metabolism
Building on HNU 261, students will apply the principles of nutrition with an emphasis on nutrient functions and metabolism while drawing on foundational knowledge in biology and chemistry. Topics will include: energy metabolism, weight management, and nutritional concerns across the life course and the emerging role of nutritional genomics.  Prerequisites: HNU 261; BIOL 251, 252, completed or concurrent; CHEM 225, 255, completed or concurrent. Three credits.