Honours Projects

Honours Projects


Brighid MacKay. Honours Project: Examining the functional and nutritional impact of mixed Lactic acid bacteria fermentation on the Nova Scotia Soldier Bean Supervisor: Dr. Marcia English.

Chantel Yakimets. Honours Project: Apple Butter Fruit Spreads as Potential Protein Enriched Texture Modified Food Products: Market Assessment and Sensory Characterization. Co-supervisor: Dr. Marcia English & Dr. Ruth Harvie.



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Rebecca Demmings. Honours Project: Nutrient decomposition of texture modified diets in rural Nova Scotian clinical settings: a digital food photography assessment. Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Harvie; Second Reader, Patricia St. James.

Kelli Weinkauf. Honours Project: Examining the barriers to achieving a resilient local food system in Nova Scotia: producers' perspective in a global pandemic. Supervisor: Dr. Tracy Everitt; Second Reader: Christine Johnson

Elizabeth Talbot. Honours Project: Local Food System Resilience: Consumer Response to COVID-19. Supervisor: Dr. Tracy Everitt; Second Reader, Dr. Ann Fox

Cayla Olynyk. Honours Project: Exploring student athletes understanding and management of exercise-associated gastrointestinal symptoms: A mixed methods approach. Supervisory Committee: Dr. Jen Jamieson & Sarah O’Brien PDt.



Cassandra Fenlon. Honours Project: Characterizing the Physical and Structural interactions of Plant-Based biodegradable plastic alternatives. Advisor: Dr. Marcia English.

Kelsey Gill. Honours Project: Development of a Canadian Nutrient Composition Database for Gluten-Free Foods. Advisor: Dr. Jen Jamieson.

Natasha Lawlor. Honours Project:  Tea and Talk Time: Exploring the Experience of Participants in a Pilot Intergenerational Social Dining Program. Co-advisor: Dr. Ann Fox & Candace MacKenzie.

Jane MacDougall. Honours Project: Seniors' Perceptions of Canada's New Food Guide. Advisor: Dr. Ann Fox.




Monika Hotson. Honours Project: Exploring a course project from a Two-Eyed Seeing perspective: a student sharing circle. Advisor: Dr. Ann Fox  

Carmen Lilley.  Honours Project: Development of a Food Environment Assessment Tool for use on Post-Secondary Campuses. Advisor: Dr. Ann Fox  

 Anna Neufeld. Honours Project: An Exploration of Food Sources of Nutrients and Dietary Patterns of the Gluten-free Diet. Advisor: Dr. Jen Jamieson  

Katie Rennie. Honours Project: Exploring the relationship between Cannabis usage and symptomatic relief using a mixed-methods approach. Advisors: Dr. John McKenna (PSYC) and Dr. Marcia English 

Haileigh Robb.  Honours Project: Examining Weekly Grocery Store Promotions as A Form of Inequity for People Living on Income Assistance in Nova Scotia. Advisors: Christine Johnson, RD, MAN; Hannah Mawhinney, MSc  

Jacqueline Rusin. Honours Project: Determination of Folate Content in Nutritionally Important Gluten-Free Flours Using Lactobacillus casei spp. Rhamnosus in a Microbiological Assay. Advisors: Dr. Marcia English & Dr. Jen Jamieson 


2017-2018 Honours Students



WEBB, Denise.
Determining the needs, wants and opportunities for promoting healthy eating at the East Antigonish Education Centre/Academy afterschool program.

WINNER: Community-engaged research award, StFX Student Research Day, 28 March, 2018.

Supervisor: Dr. Ann Fox

BURRELL, Heather-Ann. Investigating antihypertensive, angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme (ACE)-inhibitory activity of soldier bean protein hydrolysates

Supervisors: Dr. Marcia English and Dr. Alejandro Cohen

CHIKWAVAIRE, Chiedza. Use of Smartphone Nutrition Application by Nutrition and Non-Nutrition Undergraduate Students at StFX
Supervisor: Dr. Pat Mazier

GOUTHRO, Leah. Diet assessment of collegiate athletes following a gluten-free diet
Supervisor: Dr. Jen Jamieson

KEOUGH, Michael. Consumer acceptability of cooked American lobster (Homarus americanus) frozen in a new cryoprotective solutions
Supervisors: Dr. Marcia English and Dr. Matthew Sweeney

LIU, Aiyu. Understanding international students’ food experience through the food literacy framework
Supervisor: Dr. Laura Gougeon

MACKENZIE, Hayley. An Exploration into the Meaning of Food in the Lives of Practicing Dietitians from across Canada
Supervisor: Dr. Laurie Wadsworth

OCHITWA, Karli. Exploring Food Practices and Dental Health of Children in Paqtnkek Nova Scotia
Supervisors: Dr. Ann Fox & Dr. Doris Gillis

REES, Amanda.  Protein extraction from the macroalgae dulse (Palmaria palmata) and sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca): Impact of environmental conditions on extraction efficiency
Supervisor: Dr. Marcia English, Second Reader: Dr. Chibuike Udenigwe

SAMPSON, Brittany. Development of a gardening manual as a potential food literacy enhancement tool for community-dwelling older adults
by Brittany Sampson. Supervisor: Dr. Laura Gougeon

ROSTA, Emily. Evaluating the Quality of Gluten-Free Diets using the NOVA Food Classification System.

Silver medal StFX Bookstore Prize at Student Research Day, March 28, 2018.

Supervisor: Dr. Jen Jamieson


2016-2017 Honours Students

GARDNER, Casidhe. A critical discourse analysis of the use of food related memes and comic strips through social media. Supervisor: Dr. Laurie Wadsworth

VIANA, Lauren. A Comparison of the functional and sensory properties of untreated and treated Nova Scotia pulse flours. Supervisor: Marcia English, PhD(c)

MACCHARLES, Lindsay (pictured below). What Food Guidance Approach should Canada take to benefit the Health of Seniors in Rural Nova Scotia? Supervisor: Dr. Ann Fox


2015-2016 Honours Students:

Courtney Campbell. The lipid composition of pastured eggs from wild orchid farms versus store-bought eggs in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Supervisor: Prof. Marcia English.

Olivia Clancy. The protein composition of pastured eggs from wild orchid farms versus store-bought eggs in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Supervisor: Marcia English.

Becky Chukwu. Use of Smartphone Nutrition Applications by Undergraduate Students at St. Francis Xavier University (StFX). Supervisor: Dr. Pat Mazier.

Sophie Flanagan. Program Volunteers’ Perceptions of a Children’s After-School program in Nova Scotia. Supervisors: Prof. Kendra Read and Dr. Laurie Wadsworth.

Sarah Groulx. Community-Based Cooking Program with Community Mentors as a Means to Enhance Capacity for Food Literacy in Older Adults in Rural Communities: An Experience from Nova Scotia. Supervisor: Dr. Laura Gougeon.

Mikaela Henderson. A Comparative Analysis of Clinical Practice Guidelines for the management of Hereditary Hemochromatosis. Supervisor: Dr. Jen Jamieson.

Jessica MacLean. An exploration of the meaning of food to students in a dietetics program in Canadian universities outside of Atlantic Canada. Supervisor: Dr. Laurie Wadsworth.

Sarah Ngunangwa. Identifying barriers and enablers to addressing health equity in public health practice. Supervisors: Dr. Doris Gillis, Christine Johnson & Dianne Oickle.

Anju Ravindran. What does food reveal in Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs?
Supervisor: Dr. Laurie Wadsworth.

Morgan Riley. Dietary Resilience through Storytelling among Older Community-Dwelling and Long Term Care Residents. Supervisor: Dr. Laura Gougeon.

Sara Watters. Exploring the challenges of gluten-free diet using a mixed-methods approach. Supervisors: Dr. Laura Gougeon & Dr. Jen Jamieson.

2014-2015 Honours Students:

Ashley Doucette-Tamane. Cost comparison of gluten-free and gluten-containing items in rural Nova Scotia. Supervisor: Dr. Laura Gougeon
Erica Roberts. An Exploration of the Meaning of Food to Students in a Dietetics Program in Atlantic Canada. Supervisor: Dr. Laurie A. Wadsworth
Hannah Mawhinney. Is vitamin B6 sub-optimal for male endurance athletes?: Preliminary investigation of the effects of 7-day dietary intervention on running performance after a competitive season. Supervisors: Dr. Jen Jamieson & Dr. Dan Kane (HKIN)
Holly Amos. Exploring the Meaning of Food Security for Pre-Service Teachers.  
Supervisors: Dr. Doris Gillis & Dr. Chris Gilham (EDUC)
Kendall Lee. Use of Social Media by Dietitians in Nova Scotia. Supervisor: Dr. Laurie A. Wadsworth
Mary Weir. A comparison of nutritional quality of gluten-free and similar gluten-containing products in rural towns and villages in Northeastern Nova Scotia.
Supervisor: Dr. Jen Jamieson
2013-2014 Honours Students
Katilyn Stanford. Energy and Nutrient Adequacy of Elite Cross-Country Runners Across the Training and Competition Season. Supervisor: Dr. Jen Jamieson
Megan Ramsay. Raising a Healthy Eater: The Role of the Introduction of Solid Foods to Infants. Supervisor: Christine Johnson
Ben Curry. Comparison of Protein Intake between Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Science Students at St. Francis Xavier University. Supervisor: Dr. Patricia Mazier
2012-2013 Honours Students
Jennifer Wood. How do dietetic and nutrition practitioners engage with the concept of health literacy?   Supervisor: Dr. Doris Gillis
Heidi Stirling. Energy and nutrient adequacy of elite female cross-country runners. Supervisor: Dr. Jen Jamieson.
Tayler Musclow. The Development of a Food Frequency Questionnaire for Iron Assessment of Elite Female Endurance Athletes. Supervisor: Dr. Jen Jamieson
2011-2012 Honours Students
Raylene MacLellan. The role of community gardens in fostering civic engagement for community food security. Supervisor: Christine Johnson
Josh Kiel. Changing the National Nutritious Food Basket to meet the dietary needs of someone who is living with HIV or AIDS. Supervisor: Christine Johnson.
Erica Reynolds. Investigating the Prevalence of Food Insecurity Amongst Saint Francis Xavier University Students. Supervisors: Christine Johnson & Dr. Jen Jamieson
Annyck Besso. Fat consumption in first and fourth year university students at St. Francis Xavier University. Supervisor: Dr. Pat Mazier.
Monique Landry. Relationship between Calcium Intake, Energy Expenditure, and Body Mass Index among St. Francis Xavier University Students. Supervisor: Dr. Pat Mazier.