BSc Minor in Food & Nutrition

A Minor in Food and Nutrition is now available to BSc students at StFX!

Eating well not only promotes health but also contributes to a vibrant economy and a sustainable planet. StFX nutrition grads are making a difference in communities, industries, and organizations across Canada and beyond. Complete the Nutrition Minor to learn how you can take part.

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The Minor in Food and Nutrition will be of interest of students pursuing health-related careers such medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, dentistry, health promotion, education, epidemiology or other related fields.


Degree Structure: BSc Minor in Food and Nutrition (24 credits)

The BSc Minor in Food and Nutrition is composed of 24 credits, to include 9 credits of required courses and 15 credits of HNU electives.


Core required courses (9 credits):

     HNU 142 Introduction to Food and Health* 

     HNU 242 Foundations of Nutrition Science*

     HNU 262 Principles of Nutrition in Human Metabolism*

                 *HNU 142, 242 and 262 are also available as Distance Education courses from StFX


HNU electives (choose any 15 credits from):

     HNU 145 Introduction to Foods 

     HNU 146 Introduction to Food Science

     HNU 351 Nutritional Assessment      

     HNU 352 Nutrition in Chronic Disease Prevention & Management

     HNU 356 Introduction to Food Service & Quantity Food Production

     HNU 365 Community Nutrition

     HNU 366 Maternal and Child Nutrition

     HNU 363 Sport Nutrition

     HNU 405 Food Availability

     HNU 421 Food and Nutrition for Global Health Equity

     HNU 425 Nutrition in Aging

     HNU 328 Functional Foods

     HNU 445 Food Product Development

     HNU 461 Nutrition in Metabolic Disease

     HNU 471 Entrepreneurial Practices for Nutrition Professionals

Course Descriptions can be found here.


Suggested areas of focus for the Food and Nutrition Minor may include:

Nutrition Science: 351, 352, 363, 366, 425, 461

Population Health & Policy: 365, 405, 421

Food & Industry: 145, 146, 328, 445, 456, 471


For further information contact: or an Academic Advisor.