CAFP Society

CAFP Society

Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals (CAFP)


CAFP Student Executive, 2018-2019


Katie Rennie & Claire Edington Co-Presidents
Tina Chang Treasurer
Katrina Bohnet Secretary
Hilary Benoit Fundraising Coordinator
Amanda Last & Christie Bakes Cultural Connections Student Reps
Armen Lillley Marketing Manager
Hayley-Pyke-Leblanc Social Media Manager
Jacquline Rusin & Deirdra McLaughlin Events Coordinators
Lydia MacDonald Food Service Advisor


HNU Dept. Advisor & Northumberland Branch Liaison:
Brenda Hanlon

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CAFP - Northumberland Branch
CAFP - StFX Student Branch

Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals (CAFP)
Mission :

The mission of the CAFP is to promote professional and personal development, and facilitate communication leading to excellence in our industry.

Strategy Areas

  • Professional Development
  • Membership
  • Networking


  • We are a national association of diverse professionals united by our dedication to lifelong learning.
  • We are committed to providing our members with opportunities for fellowship, recognition and personal growth.
  • Our activities focus on networking and education, offering benefit to individual professional and student members and ultimately all foodservice industry stakeholders.


  • To enhance the prestige of the food service profession through raising standards of service.
  • To promote education in the industry and increased opportunities for youth to train for the food service profession.
  • To promote research in food service and nutrition.
  • To promote through good fellowship and personal association new opportunities for increased management efficiency and exchange of professional information.

There are now 21 student branches across Canada. The StFX student branch is mentored and supported by the Northumberland professional branch. The student branches are required to conduct a minimum of five educational meetings during the school term. The number and type of social meetings is depended on the student executive; however at least one meeting per year must be held with the professional branch.

The student branch meets the third Monday of every month during the F-block time slot (1:15pm) in JBB room 237. Please feel free to contact any name listed above for more information.