Directed Study Projects

Directed Study Projects HNU 499


Food Security Lessons from Post-Apartheid South Africa
by Kelly Nicole Crowie
Supervisor: Dr. Ann Fox

Exploring Food Guidance Strategies for Pre-School Children in Rural Nova Scotia
by Kelly Soudant
Supervisor: Dr. Ann Fox

Cultural Safety and Health Literacy in Nutrition Practice
by Jenna Clark
Supervisor: Dr. Doris Gillis

Marketing of Food and Beverages to Children and Youth: A Policy Review
by Ranelle MacMaster
Supervisor: Dr. Laurie Wadsworth

Exploring Experiences of Canadian Dietitians: How Understandings of and Attitudes Towards Strategies for Addressing Food Insecurity Relate to Reported Practices
by Bridget Woodrow
Supervisor: Christine Johnson

Leading Through Change Management: The Case of Meal Delivery System Change in Healthcare Foodservice
by Samantha Sielski
Supervisors: Dr. Laurie Wadsworth; Fran Haley

Implications of Changing Iron Sources in the Canadian Diet on Iron Status and Methods of Assessment
by Monique Peck
Supervisor: Dr. Jen Jamieson