IDI Program Structure

IDI Program Structure

The IDI program is made up of three practicums, each consisting of placements. Each practicum is approximately 14 weeks long. The practicums encompass the following Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice (ICDEP):     

  • Professional Practice     
  • Communication & Collaboration      
  • Nutrition Care      
  • Population and Public Health      
  • Management

Each practicum placement will provide diverse learning experiences, integrating classroom learning to achieve a competent dietetic practice in food service management, population and public health, and nutrition care.  Within each practicum, students will work with one or more preceptors. A preceptor is a dietitian or other professionals that will supervise and facilitate an intern’s learning during placement.

Prior to entering Practicum I, students will participate in a week long program orientation offering engaging and experiential learning opportunities, including nutrition care simulation activities in the StFX Rankin School of Nursing simulation center.



  • HNU 481 Practicum I is 14 weeks and provides interns with diverse opportunities within the nutrition profession. Interns will be exposed to areas of food service management and/or community nutrition with the guidance of a preceptor
  • HNU 482 Practicum II is a 14-week placement that focuses on one or more of the three areas of dietetics; Community, food service management, and nutrition care.  
  • HNU 483 Practicum III is a 14-week placement that focuses on one or more of the three areas of dietetics; Community, food service management, and nutrition care. The focus in this practicum is gaining competence and independence in knowledge and skills for entry level dietetic practice.

Research & Honours Conversion

Each intern is required to complete a research project by the end of their internship.   During the final 14-week Nutrition Care placement, interns also complete a clinical case study and a therapeutic update for applied clinical research experience.  Upon completion of the IDI program the student’s degree is converted to a B.Sc. Human Nutrition with honours. The honours degree conversion is in recognition of the practice-based research conducted.


The cost of each practicum within the IDI program is equivalent to the price of one full 6-credit course through StFX, as well as other student costs such as technology fees. This cost must be paid before beginning each Practicum. Living expenses, travel & commuting expenses, and individual costs are the responsibility of the intern.

Examples of possible placements:

  • Long-term care facilities         
  • Small/medium/large hospitals         
  • Public Health         
  • Primary Health Care         
  • Family resource centres/community centres  
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Community Health Centres        
  • University food service        
  • StFX Athletics program