Get a StFX Library Card

Your StFX ID is your Library Card.  All students, staff and faculty must have the barcode number (21993...) from their ID card, also referred to as your Novanet number, before beginning the library registration process. Library accounts for students expire every September 30th and need to be updated at the start of each academic year to ensure continued access to all library services.

Get a StFX ID Card


Visit the StFX Safety & Security Services office. 

From a Distance:

Graduate or undergraduate distance students not able to obtain an ID card in person can e-mail StFX Safety & Security Services at Please include:

  • A high quality picture to be used on your ID card
  • A scan of government issued photo ID
  • Your StFX Student ID number
  • Your current mailing address
  • A request to have them e-mail you your Novanet number (barcode) right away 

Activate Your Library Account

Once you have your StFX ID card, or you have followed the steps above to get your Novanet number (barcode), we prefer you submit the appropriate online registration form from the options below to activate your account.  In special circumstances, you can also register your account in-person at the Access Services Desk.

StFX Borrowers:

Undergraduate Students @ StFX - For students studying on-campus in years 1-4 of a Bachelor program (e.g. BA, BBA, BSc., BEd)

Graduate or Distance Undergraduate Students - For StFX students enrolled in a Masters or PhD program on-campus or from a distance; or an Undergraduate program not offered on campus. 

Faculty/Staff - For any employee of StFX.

Community Borrowers:

Community Borrowers are members of the public not affiliated with StFX, who are over the age of 18, and a legal resident of Nova Scotia.  Community Borrowers are not eligible to receive an official StFX ID card, but they can apply for a free library account at the link below.  A Community Borrower library card will be issued upon verification of residency and age. 

Community Borrower Application - For non-StFX patrons (students, staff and faculty of StFX should choose an option in the StFX Borrowers section above).

More information about library cards.