Library Services for Distance and Continuing Education Students

The information provided below is to help students at a distance from StFX successfully access and navigate the appropriate library resources to complete their coursework or research. The StFX Library offers the following support to distance and continuing education students to help them reach this goal:

  • Advice on library procedures
  • Help with problems involving library cards
  • Instruction on how to do literature searches
  • Assistance with accessing difficult-to-locate material

For answers to the most commonly asked questions, troubleshooting, how-to's, and much more, search our brand new Knowledge Base to get started, otherwise reach out to us at:

  • Reference Department: For assistance with your research project, citations, etc.

  • Access Services: For general inquiries, issues with your library account

  • Document Delivery Services: For information on the status of your requests, renewals, etc.

  • IT Services: For assistance with your webFX credentials or any other technology related issue

Starting Your Research From a Distance

You may choose to start your research at a library near you or from the comfort of your home or office. Off-campus access to our Electronic Resources is granted through our proxy server, which requires you to authenticate using your webFX credentials, so a library account is not necessary to view items to which StFX subscribes. Please note that in order to view these items, you must access the sources via our website.  Here is some basic information to get you started:
  • Searching for Print and Online Sources:
    • Visit the library website:
    • Searching for books: Use our Novanet discovery platform or Google Scholar from the Library's main search box. Remember to check our E-Books for content that may be relevant to your research interests.
    • Searching for articles: From the Databases list select your database of choice; e.g. ProQuest
      • If unsure of which database to select go to the list of Subject Guides and select your subject. The subject guide will provide a list of relevant databases to start with.
      • If you don't have your webFX credentials or your password has expired, visit the IT Services websiteor contact them at
  • Create/Update Your Library Account: 
    • Your StFX ID also serves as your library card.  This card identifies you as a student at STFX and provides you with borrowing privileges within Nova Scotia in the event that you need to use Document Delivery Services for an item which you cannot directly access. 
    • If you are a distance student who cannot come to STFX to get an official STFX ID, please follow the instructions on how to obtain one from a distance on our Registration page.  If you already have your ID, please click here to begin your registration.
      • How do I log in to my library account? View Video
  • Document Delivery:
    • If your selected article is not full-text or you wish to borrow a physical book that is not available in the Novanet catalogue, use the Document Delivery Form to request the item which will be sent to you if it can be located.  Please note that delivery times vary depending on the location of the owning library and format chosen.
    • To successfully login to our Document Delivery form, you will need use the 14-digit number at the bottom of your picture id which starts with 2199300 (that number is your library ID barcode), and use your last name as it is spelled on your library account as your password. For more information, visit the Document Delivery for Distance Students website.
  • CAAL Card:
    • Should you wish to borrow books or other printed resources in-person from university libraries outside Nova Scotia, you will need a CAAL card. Contact for more information.
  • BARA: Borrow Anywhere Return Anywhere:
    • In Nova Scotia, you can borrow or return books from and to any public, academic or community college library. If you are in NS, please make use of this service as often as you can to locate and return your items in a timely manner.