How do I request an official transcript?

Course start and end dates and proof of completion of courses can be verified by requesting your official transcript through our registrar’s office. The transcript comes authenticated with the official university seal and the signature of our registrar.

Transcript requests are generally processed within three to five business days, unless students have a financial hold or have requested that they be held for term grades, degree posting or other reasons. All financial holds must be cleared on the student account before the request can be processed.

Transcripts are issued only upon receipt of the request form bearing the student's original signature. 

Please visit the Transcripts of Academic Record page for more information and to download the application form.


Students requesting transcripts for the purposes of classification upgrades in Nova Scotia should visit the following page for information on submission deadlines:


Note from the Registrar's Office:The instructions on the NS Department of Education website indicate that a letter from the St FX University Registrar is required to indicate the completion of the requirements of the Master of Education program.
When submitting an official transcript request form, indicate by checking the box that you have recently completed the requirements for the Master of Education program.
When the transcript request is processed, the StFX Registrar’s Office will confirm completion of the Master of Education program directly on the official transcript. The letter is not required based on an agreement between StFX and the NS Department of Education.