Inclusive Education (A&P)

The StFX Faculty of Education is proposing to offer a province-wide Master of Education in Educational Administration and Policy with a focus on Leadership of Inclusive Education for qualified in-service teachers, aspiring leaders, and educational leaders beginning in the summer of 2019. The courses and internship in this graduate program are designed to provide participants with practical knowledge and competencies for the leadership of inclusive education. The main topics addressed in this two-year cohort program are:

  • multiple exceptionalities, including complex student needs;
  • mental health literacy and social-emotional learning;
  • trauma-informed practice;
  • program planning in multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS);
  • specialized programs and services for students with special needs;
  • home-school-interagency collaboration and partnerships;
  • staff supervision and professional development for inclusive education;
  • legal and policy framework of inclusive education;
  • school capacity-building for inclusive education; and
  • leadership of educational change in complex classrooms, schools and school systems.

Inclusive Education A&P Cohort 1 (Summer 2019 - Summer 2021)

Inclusive Education A&P Cohort 2 (Summer 2020 - Summer 2022)

Inclusive Education A&P Cohort 3 (Summer 2021 - Summer 2023) 

Inclusive Education A&P Cohort 4 (Summer 2021 - Summer 2023)

Inclusive Education A&P Cohort 5 (Summer 2022 - Summer 2024) New July 2022 Cohort