Inclusive Education (C&I)

The StFX Faculty of Education is proposing to offer a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Inclusive Education for qualified educators beginning in the summer of 2019. This Master of Education program is designed to: a) build the capacity of teachers to implement inclusive education in complex classrooms and schools; and b) prepare qualified Resource Teachers. The courses and internship in this cohort program will provide participants with practical knowledge and competencies in:

  • characteristics of learners: typical and atypical development of cognitive, sensory, physical-motor, communication, social-emotional, self-regulation, and behavioral skills;
  • complex student needs: mental health, behavioral, and trauma-based challenges;
  • individualized assessment, evaluation and reporting of student achievement, including Level B assessments;
  • design and implementation of individualized programming in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS):Individual Program Plans (IPPs) and Adaptations;
  • individualized, intensive intervention: literacy, mathematics and learning disabilities;
  • implementation of inclusive education policies, procedures and guidelines; and
  • communication and collaboration in program planning in partnership with students, parents, educators and outside professionals.

Inclusive Education C&I Cohort 1 (Summer 2019 - Summer 2021)

Inclusive Education C&I Cohort 2 (Summer 2019 - Summer 2021)

Inclusive Education C&I Cohort 3 (Summer 2020 - Summer 2022)

Inclusive Education C&I Cohort 4 (Summer 2020 - Summer 2022)

Inclusive Education C&I Cohort 5 (Summer 2021 - Summer 2023) 

Inclusive Education C&I Cohort 6 (Summer 2021 - Summer 2023)

Inclusive Education C&I Cohort 7 (Summer 2022 - Summer 2024) New July 2022 Cohort

Inclusive Education C&I Cohort 8 (Summer 2022 - Summer 2024) New July 2022 Cohort