Mental Health Education

Mental Health Education in the Faculty of Education at StFX largely follows four pillars of mental health literacy:

  1. To achieve and maintain positive mental health. At StFX this would include the study of topics such as social and emotional learning, resiliency, restorative practices and mindfulness in education.
  2. To understand the signs and symptoms of mental distress and possible mental health disorders.* At StFX this would include the study of topics such as the crisis cycle and trauma-informed practices.
  3. To decrease stigma.
  4. To increase help and health-seeking efficacy.

Additionally, we are guided by social determinants of mental health research. Mental health education is part of a greater ‘equity literacy’ because of the ways in which poverty and discrimination for examples, are interwoven with mental health.

This program will advance the leadership capabilities of participants to understand and implement mental health education in public schools.

*This graduate degree program is for educators. As such the instructors in the program do not teach therapeutic/ counselling approaches or the tools and assessments used for mental health diagnosis. 


Mental Health Cohort 1 (Spring 2014 - Summer 2016)

Mental Health Cohort 2 (Spring 2015 - Summer 2017) Chicgnecto Central Regional School Board

Mental Health Cohort 3 (Summer 2015 - Summer 2017)

Mental Health Cohort 4 (Winter 2016 - Spring 2018) Ottawa Area 

Mental Health Cohort 5 (Summer 2017 - Summer 19)

Mental Health Cohort 6 (Summer 2018 - Summer 2020)

Mental Health Cohort 7 (Summer 2018 - Summer 2020)

Mental Health Cohort 8 (Summer 2019 - Summer 2021) Toronto Area