Internships, Co-op, and Employment


Internships can provide important experience for an actuarial science student. Real world experience helps reinforce the concepts learned in a classroom and introduces you to industry specific tools that make you more marketable as a potential employee. There are a number of great resources available for finding actuarial internships, see below:

ASNA Convention:
CAS Career Center:
SOA Career Development:


If you are a Math student who is interested in the actuarial science concentration, you have the option to take part in the StFX Co-op Education program. Co-op offers you a combination of academic studies and career-related experience. You alternate three to four work terms with academic study terms and paid work experience. Through Co-op, students can practice professional skills, gain perspective on the world of work, and make connections.

Program details

  • If you are interested in completing the co-op option, you can apply to the program after your first year of university study.
  • Co-op students complete 15 hours of professional development training that lays a foundation for co-op success
  • Work terms take place in the fall (September to December), spring (January to April) or summer (May to August), can take place across Canada and last 13-17 weeks per semester.
  • Students can gain 12-16 months of work experience, which can be completed in multiple stages or all at once.
  • A great benefit of the Co-op program is that placements are paid work terms, allowing you to gain valuable work experience while earning money to help fund your studies.
  • Finally, students complete our capstone course, COOP 405 (3 credits)


Organizations that Employ Actuaries include

  • Insurance Companies
  • Banking
  • Consulting Firms
  • Organizations serving the Insurance Industry
  • Financial Consultancies
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Management

For more information about Co-op, click here: