Why a degree in math or stats

Welcome to Mathematics and Statistics at StFX, where students undertake a course of studies that focus on either or both fields. Mathematics is the science of structure, order and relation. It deals with logical and quantitative reasoning. Statistics is the science and art of data collection and analysis. It deals with estimation, hypothesis testing and decision making.

Job opportunities for those with a background in Mathematics or Statistics include work in education, insurance, banking, finance, pharmaceutical companies, market research, and academia. Recent employers of StFX Mathematics and Statistics graduates include Statistics Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, banks, insurance companies, Shell, Nortel, IBM, Sobeys, Atlantic Lottery Corporation, and Primary and Secondary Schools, to name a few.

Typical first-year course schedules include an introduction to differential and integral calculus, which provides students with an understanding of and appreciation for the mathematics of change. The Calculus courses are taken in combination with courses from the sciences and the arts.

There are several degree choices within the programs, and a student wishing to major in Mathematics or Statistics may do so in either Arts or Science, depending on the student’s interests and career objectives. There is also a B.Sc. Advanced Major in Mathematics and Business degree. The program offers considerable flexibility in how a student’s Mathematics and Statistics courses are complemented, leading to a B.Sc. or B.A. degree. 

With small class sizes and a personal environment that maximizes individual attention, the STFX Mathematics and Statistics program produces graduates who are well trained for further success in graduate studies, education programs, and industry.