Hours and Schedules

Language Lab (210 Immaculata)

Hours and Schedules September - December 2021

8:15 CELT 101 A1 FREN 111 K1 OPEN B2 FREN 112 L2 OPEN C3
9:15 OPEN B1 SPAN 221 L1 OPEN C2 FREN 112 A3 OPEN K3
10:15 SPAN 101 C1 SPAN 101 A2 CELT 101 K2 OPEN B3 FREN 211 L3
11:15 CELT 101 A4 FREN 111 K4 FREN 211 B5 SPAN 101 L5 OPEN C6
12:15 OPEN B4 OPEN L4 SPAN 221 C5 OPEN A6 SPAN 101 K6
13:15 FREN 211 C4 MIKM 101 A5 OPEN K5 FREN 111 B6 MIKM 101 L6
14:15 OPEN A7 FREN 211 K7 FREN 112 B8 OPEN L8 OPEN C9
15:15 SPAN 101 B7 OPEN L7 SPAN 101 C8 OPEN A9 CLOSED K9
16:15 FREN 111 C7 OPEN A8 CELT 101 K8 FREN 211 B9 CLOSED L9


  • Occupied periods, indicate the name of a pre-scheduled facilitated or instructed language lab/class. During this time, seats are reserved for students in that lab/class.
  • Free-time (indicated by "OPEN" is available for language students who wish to participate in self-directed labs, individual review sessions, study, complete assignments or conduct research. Resources during free-time are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Open lab times may be reserved by other language classes occasionally - temporary changes to above schedule will be posted at lab entrance
  • Labs are 50 minutes in duration
  • CLOSED lab times are reserved for daily and weekly lab maintenance