Why Study German?

10 Reasons Why to Learn German

  • 120 Million+ people are learning German. 
  • Germany is one of the most important trading partners for most countries, including Canada, and is the third largest industry nation in the world. 
  • Over 60 Million books are published in German every year. Goethe Schiller, Brecht, Hesse, Zweig, Grass, Rilke are only a few names to mention.
  • Knowledge of German is a great advantage in the tourism industry since more and more people from Germany are visiting Canada.
  • German is the most commonly spoken language in Europe. You gain access to an important intellectual, economic and cultural historic area of Central Europe by knowing the language. 
  • Scientist of German-speaking countries have one more that 21 Nobel prizes in Physics, 30 in Chemistry and 25 in Medicine. Many other Nobel prizes winners were educated at German universities.
  • In some occupations a second language like German will be useful, for professions like diplomat, travel agent, custom inspector, hotel manager.
  • Knowledge of the German language improves your chances on the job market.
  • If you travel to Germany and you speak German, it will be easier for you to know Germans along with their history and culture.
  • Knowledge of German opens the door to the birthplace of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Goethe, Freud, Einstein, Marx.