SPAN 299: Communication and Culture (3 credits)

SPAN 299 is a new offering in our department. This course focuses on the development of students’ oral communicative skills while reviewing and applying grammatical notions studied in SPAN 111 and SPAN 112, and introducing students to different aspects of Hispanic cultures.

If you want to have more expertise in speaking Spanish, this is definitely a course for you! Although you can expect some grammar assignments in the course of the term, the emphasis of SPAN 299 is on oral practice. You will prepare and participate in presentations, role-plays, discussions, and debates that incorporate specific aspects of Spanish grammar, a range of new vocabulary, and information about the Spanish-speaking world.

Students can take this course together with SPAN 221 or as an independent course. Both courses, SPAN 221 and SPAN 299 allow you to continue with the next level of Spanish, SPAN 222.

The requirement for this course is SPAN 112 or the consent of the department. Please, contact any of the faculty members for more information.