SPAN 334: Spanish Composition (3 credits)

Building with Pillars

SPAN 334 is a requirement for students willing to complete a minor in Spanish and it is always offered in the Winter Term. We strongly encourage our students to take SPAN 306 (Advanced Spanish) in the Fall Term before enrolling in SPAN 334, but it is not a prerequisite.

This course is useful for anyone who is interested in improving their writing skills in Spanish. In SPAN 334 you will learn how to effectively organize your writing, how to write an anecdote, a formal letter, a summary, a project proposal, an expository essay, and an argumentative essay in Spanish.

Although SPAN 200 is a prerequisite for this course we accept students who did not complete that course but whose proficiency corresponds to the advanced level. If you have any questions concerning your level of Spanish and/or your placement, please, contact one of our faculty members and request an override.

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