Immersion Service Learning

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Students who are part of Immersion Service Learning program go to Mexico, Guatemala, or Cuba during the Winter Recess period in February. They travel with a faculty leader and work with local organizations.

This program is an outstanding opportunity for students studying Spanish to be introduced to Latin American culture and to improve their communicative intercultural competence. Additionally to language exposure, students learn about issues related to culture, social justice, education, sustainability, and human rights. Thanks to a long-lasting collaboration with our community partners, you will be able to access a world that usually remains hidden to outsiders and gain a unique perspective on Latin America. 

The Service Learning assignments in SPAN 100 and/or SPAN 200 courses will prepare you to your community service in Mexico, Guatemala or Cuba.Uupon your return to Canada you will be expected to share your reflections about your experience with the rest of the class through several written projects and oral presentations. All the assignments related to Immersion Service Learning meet the teaching objectives of SPAN 100 and SPAN 200.

Only SPAN 100 and SPAN 200 courses taught by Dr. Wojciech Tokarz have an optional Immersion Service Learning component.

Watch a video about the Service Learning trip to Guatemala.

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