SPAN 222: Intermediate Spanish II (3 credits)


SPAN 222 is an intermediate to advanced Spanish language course and a continuation of SPAN 221 and/or SPAN 299. In this course you will build on the language skills you acquired at the beginner and intermediate levels (SPAN 111, SPAN 112, SPAN 221, and/or SPAN 299), study and apply more advanced grammatical structures, expand your vocabulary, and deepen your understanding of the cultures and traditions of the Hispanic world.

In SPAN 222 you can expect similar type of assignments than in SPAN 221 (on-line homework, compositions, tests, oral exams, written exams, collaborative projects). Some sections of SPAN 222 may offer a service learning component.

Although SPAN 221 or SPAN 299 are a prerequisite for this course we accept students who did not complete any of these courses but whose proficiency in Spanish corresponds to the intermediate level II.

If you have any questions concerning your level of Spanish and/or your placement, please, contact one of our faculty members and request an override.