Courses for Non-Majors


With the exception of Applied Music (instrument or vocal lessons), all music courses are open to all St. FX students. Many courses, especially those at the 300 and 400 levels, require a high level of skill in music reading or music theory. To inquire about courses best suited to your individual skills/needs, please contact 

Courses listed below are of general interest, and are accessible to all skill levels. Most courses are 3 credits:

MUSI 104 Structure of Common Practice Music (1.5 credits)

MUSI 105 Aural Skills I (1.5 credits)

MUSI 108 Jazz Theory  (1.5 credits) (Prerequisite: MUSI 104)

MUSI 109 Aural Skills II (1.5 Credits) (Prerequisite: MUSI 105)

MUSI 112 The Art of Listening (a Music Appreciation course that covers many styles)

MUSI 117  History of Popular Music (one of the most popular courses at STFX, covering popular music from Elvis Presley to the near-present)

MUSI 118 World Music

MUSI 119 Music in Film, Television, and Video Games

MUSI 165 Jazz Styles and Literature

MUSI 214 History and Instrumental Techniques for guitar. (Guitar experience is not necessary. Guitar ownership is required.)

MUSI 217 The Beatles

MUSI 275 Songwriters and Their Songs

MUSI 276 Songwriting Workshop and Production.  (Submission of a portfolio of your songs is required.)

MUSI 298 Selected Topics - Music and Physics

MUSI 312 Women and Popular Music (cross-listed with WMGS)

MUSI 319 Celtic Music (cross-listed with CELT)

MUSI 385 Selected Topics: Religion and Music (cross-listed with RELS)

In addition, all Ensemble classes – MUSI courses ending on 46/56 (Vocal) or 47/57 (Instrumental) are open to all students. An audition on your instrument or voice is required.


For detailed descriptions of courses, please see the Academic Calendar.