Personalized Instruction & Mentorship

At St. FX students benefit from a high degree of personalized instruction from accomplished faculty.   In addition to helping students develop excellent instrumental or vocal technique, the program places emphasis on developing improvisation and composition skills.

Besides enabling students to create their own music, these skills also allow graduates to adapt to any style required for musical work.

“The skills I learned at St. FX were invaluable … The small class sizes, and one on one attention from the professors gave me the ability to focus on the areas that I was interested in.”

 - Breagh MacKinnon (B.Mus 2014), Port Cities, signed by Warner Music


“I can honestly say that I would not have the musical skill set necessary to survive as an artist in Nashville were it not for the invaluable education I got through the STFX Music program.”

- Matt MacDougal (B.Mus. 2012), ECMA nominee


“Getting a Bachelor of Music at St. Francis Xavier University has taught me the importance of being a versatile musician… Although the foundation of the program is based on Jazz Studies, there are many different outlets within the program and students are encouraged to branch out as much as possible.”


 - Dave Farrell (B.Mus 2011), bassist and musical director

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