Aboriginal Nursing Education Committee

Indigenous Nursing Education Committee (INEC)

In collaboration with the St.FX Aboriginal student advisor, this committee works to develop a mentorship program for Aboriginal students in the Rankin School of Nursing (SON), and integrates the Cultural Safety Core Competencies (2009) into the school’s nursing curriculum. It also has a subcommittee, the Community Advisory Committee, which meets with local Aboriginal community members to receive advice and guidance as to how the committee/SON can best support Aboriginal nursing students, while in turn providing updates to the community members when we meet.

The committee is comprised of any interested SON educators, a SON curriculum committee representative, the St.FX Aboriginal student advisor, any interested Aboriginal nursing students (minimally one), and a First Nations community member.

The INEC presents an annual award at the year-end nursing banquet to a senior Aboriginal nursing student in recognition of his/her commitment and mentorship to fellow Aboriginal nursing students. The committee is currently collaborating with renowned Mi’kmaw artist, Alan Syliboy, as he begins his work toward creating a visual portrayal/work of ART to represent the SON philosophy and values, including social justice and truth and reconciliation.