Dr. Patti Hansen-Ketchum

Marguerite Hall
(902) 867-5027

As Associate Professor I have been teaching (and learning!) in a variety of courses within the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, particularly courses in research methods, health promotion, leadership and professional practice. I believe that teaching-learning is a way of engaging students to work together to think critically, to ask the important questions and to explore/discover new ideas and possibilities. I am always excited for students to realize their potential within health, organizational, community, and policy systems in years to come.

I completed my PhD from the University of Alberta where I was awarded the Genevieve Gray PhD Medal for my dissertation and high academic standing. My doctoral work provided an integrated approach to environmental health and health promotion. In my current research program, I continue to try to generate knowledge with communities and interdisciplinary colleagues about our vital connections with each other and our environment, including ecologically-sound, nature-based strategies for fostering health. The aim is to understand, explore and examine interventions that integrate ecological thinking into health and community systems for the equitable promotion of health across age groups and populations in diverse contexts. Examples include access to healthy outdoor places, green exercise, climate change and public health, youth/community mobilization in health promotion, and community development and sustainability. This work drives my personal and professional life - I am passionate about life-long teaching-learning, community, health, and healthy environments