Marie Arnott

Assistant Professor
Camden Hall
(902) 867-3863

Marie has been a Registered Nurse for over thirty-five years. Her predominant practice area: Acute Care both in the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Departments with a general interest in Cardiovascular Care. Marie studied Critical Care Nursing -RNPDC as a specialty area.

In 2010, upon completion of a Masters in Nursing, Marie began teaching Medical Surgical Nursing at St. Francis Xavier University. She taught nursing students in second, third, and fourth years. Her main goal has been to educate these student nurses how to combine their own innate empathy together with their evolving scientific knowledge base to remain client - centred ensuring knowledge based assessments (critically reasoning, problem solving, decision making and leadership) as well as including the struggles and challenges that can occur in practice.

Research interests include: ‘Women and Heart Disease ‘,specifically,  the differences in women’s experiences and ‘Nurse to Nurse Caring’ and how it affects patients both directly and indirectly.  Both lead to advocating for better patient outcomes and conclude that Nursing as a profession does understand caring as the essential component of holistic practice. Also, Marie continues to serve on committees at the College of Nurses of Nova Scotia (CRNNS) having worked recently as a Council member at CRNNS.