Felicia Dunbar

Camden Hall
(902) 867-4893

I graduated from Saint Francis Xavier University in 1999 with a BScN, and went on to complete my Masters in Nursing Degree from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia in 2008. My practice area that I am passionate about is Adult Medicine and Surgery. I have worked as an RN in Winnipeg, Manitoba on a Respiratory Medicine and Thoracic Surgery Unit. While in this position I had countless valuable experiences, which helped shape my nursing career, primarily establishing a strong foundation in my nursing assessment and skills, and my first introduction to being a preceptor for nursing students completing their final practicum from the University of Manitoba.

In 2002, I returned “home” to Antigonish County and took a position at Saint Martha’s Regional Hospital. I was a full time Float Nurse until 2003, when I accepted a position to work full time in the ICU Department. In the summer of 2004, I then went on to accept a full-time position with Saint Francis Xavier University School of Nursing (SON) as a Nurse Educator. As a Nurse Educator at the SON my work has primarily involved instructing second, third, and fourth year clinical practicum students In the past four years I have mainly taught primarily in the classroom as the course professor for N275 comprehensive Health Assessment course and lab, and course professor for N251- Nursing of Adults I, along with the N252 clinical component that is associated with Adult Medicine I. Currently, I am in a Limited Term Faculty position with the Rankin School of Nursing, and I have developed and now teach N209 – Introduction to Health Assessment and Clinical Nursing Practice, and I assist with the Lab instruction for N232 – Alterations in Health and Nursing Therapeutics I. Currently I am a member of the Distance Nursing, and the Curriculum committees. I continue to practice on a casual basis as an RN for Continuing Care Nova Scotia.

My nursing career is founded on and guided by the CNA Code of Ethics and the CRNNS’s Standards of Practice, and I am dedicated and passionate in directing the training of students to upholding and being accountable to these professional requirements. My commitment to lifelong learning and professional and community service have enhanced my teaching. I attempt to provide each student with a learning experience and environment which empowers and enhances the student’s ability to practice in a manner which fosters accountability, professionalism, responsibility for one’s actions, and enhances confidence. I aim for excellence in nursing practice, and this encompasses both my practice and the practice for all students whom I teach and supervise.