COVID-19 Safe Operating Procedures

Follow the links below to access Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) that have been developed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on our Campus.  These are subject to change, and the most current version will be kept on this webpage.  Check with your Supervisor to see which ones are for you.  Be sure to keep an eye on revisions to any SOPs you use.

Safe Operating Procedures are a set of safe work practices and step-by-step instructions that are required in the workplace to control identified hazards to help ensure employee safety.  Supervisors can contact OHS for assistance when identified hazards require an SOP.  Employees must be trained in and follow all SOPs that pertain to them.  SOPs shall be reviewed yearly by the JOHSC.  All SOPs should be developed with input from the employees who do the work.

COVID-19 SOP Template (Please forward all final versions to OHS for posting on this website)

Personal Protective Equipment (August 28, 2020) (All employees)

First Aid during COVID-19 (First Aid Attendants)

​Loaning out Items (Security)

Proximity Work - Moving Furniture and Equipment (All employees)

ITS Vehicle Use Guidelines (ITS)


Science SOPs

Field Work Safety during COVID-19

Earth Sciences Lab Work

Earth Sciences Field Trips

X-Chem Outreach Activity Kit Protocols

Physics Society Tutorial


Isolated Students SOPs

An isolated student is defined as a student who is staying is residence who has or potentially has COVID-19 (on required two-week isolation, awaiting testing, confirmed).

Delivering Meals to an Isolated Student's Room (Student Services)

Disinfecting an Isolated Student's Room (Custodial)

Emergency Evacuation of an Isolated Student (Security)

Isolated Student Locked out of Room (Student Services)

Maintenance Request for an Isolated Student's Room (Facilities Management)

Moving Isolated Student to a New Room (Student Services)

Picking up Garbage from Isolated Student's Room (Custodial)

Picking up Isolated Student's Belongings and Bringing them to a New Room (Student Services)

Self Isolation for Student Staying in Residence (Student Services)