Safe Operating Procedures

Safe Operating Procedures are a set of safe work practices and step-by-step instructions that are required in the workplace to control identified hazards to help ensure employee safety.  Supervisors can contact OHS for assistance when identified hazards require an SOP.  Employees must be trained in and follow all SOPs that pertain to them.  SOPs must be reviewed yearly by a JOHSC.  All SOPs should be developed iwth input from the employees who do the work. 

Use the template below to draft SOP.  Please forward to OHS for review and inclusion on this webiste, as required. 

SOP Template


Current Safe Operating Procedures

Ladders, Portable 

Sharps Handling and Disposal

Victory Electrostatic Sprayer

Four-Gas Detectors - Calibration, bump testing and sign-out


Energy Isolation (Lockout/Tagout) Procedures

Campus Wide Electrical Shutdown