Safety Programs

Safety Programs

StFX Safety Programs are developed for critical or complicated tasks that contain clearly defined and detailed processes and requirements, including (but not limited to) training, competency verification, responsibilities, forms, etc.  Most critical tasks require a program in the workplace to control identified hazards to help ensure employee safety.  Employees must be trained in and follow all Programs that pertain to them.  The requirement for Safety Programs is identified through the continuous and comprehensive hazard assessment processes and are reviewed by a JOHSC.  All Safety Programs will be developed with input from the employees who do the work.  They know the hazards best!

The most current version of StFX Safety Programs is kept on the OHS website.  StFX Safety Programs include Four Safety Absolutes.

*Contractors note that permission is required from your StFX authorized representative prior to doing Safety Absolute or Hot Work tasks. 

Follow the links below to access current StFX Safety Programs, including forms, hazard assessments and permits 

Safety Absolutes

Confined Space Entry (Safety Absolute)
Confined Space Entry Program   Confined Space Entry Hazard Assessment   Confined Space Entry Permit   Confined Space Entry Log

Fall Protection (Safety Absolute)
Fall Protection Program       Fall Protection Plan

Trenching & Excavation (Safety Absolute)
Trenching & Excavation Program       Excavation Hazard Assessment & Permit

Energy Isolation (Safety Absolute)
Energy Isolation Program       Log       Group Log     Removal Form       Training Form

Hot Work
Hot Work Operations Program    Hot Work Permit (updated July 15, 2022)

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)
MEWP Program      One Man Lift Inspection Checklist

ONLY persons listed on the Designated Competent Operators List are authorized to operate StFX-owned MEWPs: Designated Competent Operators List updated Dec 1/21

Respiratory Protection
Respiratory Protection Program

Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Program

Scaffolding Program

Asbestos Management (contact Facilities Management for more information)
Asbestos Management Program



PROGRAMS UNDER DEVELOPMENT (posted here for review)

Anhydrous Ammonia Exposure Control Program

Bloodborne Pathogens

Compressed Gases

Emergency Showers and Eyewash

Fume Hoods

Hearing Loss Prevention Program

Thermal Stress

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System