Timetable 2021-22


PHIL 100.11H

Introduction to Philosophy Groarke, Louis/Baldner, Steven Full C4/C5/C6 MULH3024
PHIL 100.12 Introduction to Philosophy Szlachta, Michael Full C1/C2/C3 MULH4032
PHIL 100.13 Introduction to Philosophy  Boudreault, Pierre-Luc Full B4/B5/B6 MULH4032
PHIL 100.14 Introduction to Philosophy Dunford, Lu-Vada Full B1/B2/B3 MULH2030
PHIL 100.15 Introduction to Philosophy Dunford, Lu-Vada Full K1/K2/K3


PHIL 135.20 Healthcare Ethics Curry, Paul 2nd W7/W8 MULH2030
PHIL 201.10 Ancient & Medieval Thought Groarke, Louis 1st Z7/Z8 MULH4034
PHIL 202.20 Modern Political Thought McKinnell, Ryan 2nd Z7/Z8 MULH3034
PHIL 213.20 Philosophy of Science Baldner, Steven 2nd B4/B5/B6 MULH4022
PHIL 232.10 Human Nature II Al-Mani, Doug 1st C1/C2/C3 CO110
PHIL 251.10 Critical Thinking Dunford, Lu-Vada 1st A4/A5/A6 MULH2032
PHIL 305.20 Philosophy and Feminism Dunford, Lu-Vada 2nd O7/O8 MULH3022
PHIL 331.10 Ethical Theories Groarke, Louis 1st W7/W8 CO110
PHIL 332.20 Contemp. Moral & Social Issues Al-Mani-Doug 2nd Z7/Z8 MULH4032
PHIL 335.20 Ethics in Health & Medicine Sweet, William 2nd B4/B5/B6 MULH4030
PHIL 342.20 Logic Szlachta, Michael 2nd A4/A5/A6 SCHW190
PHIL 361.10 Early Medieval Philosophy Szlachta, Michael 1st Z1/Z2 MULH3026
PHIL 362.20 Phil in the High Middle Ages Baldner, Steven 2nd Z1/Z2 MULH3022
PHIL 372.20 Philosophy of Law Sweet, William 2nd W7/W8 SCHW290
PHIL 381.10 Existentialism & Phenomenology Al-Maini, Doug 1st Z7/Z8 MULH3030
PHIL 451.10 Ethics, Politics & the Law I Sweet, William 1st U7/U8 MULH3024
PHIL 489.20 Honours Thesis Sweet, William 2nd   TBA

*Please note, the timetable is subject to change.