Colloquia 2021-22

Due to COVID-19, many colloquia in 2021-22 will take place online. Information about how to join a colloquium can be obtained from the seminar coordinator Hossain Ahmed. Note that some colloquia may still take place in person in PSC 3046. The normal start time for colloquia is Fridays at 4:00pm.

Information for Speakers

  • September 17: Mark Robert Baker, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, StFX. In person in PSC 3046
  • October 15: M. Shajahan Gulam Razul, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, StFX. In person.
  • October 22: P.T. Jayachandran, Professor and Chair, Department of Physics, UNB. In person.
  • November 19: Brynle Barrett, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, UNB. In person.
  • January 12, 7:30pm: Paul Steinhardt, Princeton University. Online
  • February 11, 4:00pm: Dave Risk StFX, Department of Earth Sciences. In person.
  • March 9, 7:30pm: Roxanne Guenette, Harvard University. Title: Neutrinos: From Zeros to Heroes? Online
  • April 1, 3:00pm: Ozzy Mermut, York University. Title: Biophotonics: Shedding Light on Biosensory Disorders and Age-Related Degenerative Diseases. Online

Information on previous talks: