David Pink

David Pink

Senior Research Professor
42 West Street
(902) 867-3987
Fax: (902) 867-2414




David Pink’s research involves: [1] mathematical modeling and computer simulation of the physics of biological systems. This comprises (i) nanoparticles and cationic antimicrobial peptides interacting with bacterial and trypanosome (sleeping sickness carrier) cell walls and lipopolysaccharide monolayers at air/water interfaces. (ii) Structure/dynamics of biofilms in the presence of flowing fluids. Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics are used. In (ii) I use Dissipative Particle Dynamics employing our software package Fluidix© available from OneZero Software, our spin-off company. [2] Experimental studies of bacteria and biofilms using confocal Raman micro- and nano-spectroscopy (TERS, SERS) [with T.Smith-Palmer]. [3] Theory of ordering and phase transitions in solids. He works with Steinitz and Adams, and with colleagues in Canada, Germany and USA . He is supported by NSERC and by the Advanced Foods and Materials NCE of which he is a member. He was part of an AIF contract to create hpcLab and the Raman laboratory.