Get Involved

Studying physics at StFX offers a large number of opportunities to get involved. The most significant form is through participation in undergraduate research. All our summer research students get paid for their work. Contributing to cutting-edge research, applying knowledge acquired in courses, and learning new research techniques provides an enormous advantage compared to spending the summer working somewhere else. In some cases, visiting other research facilities (e.g., U of Toronto, Oak Ridge, or the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California) may be possible. And our students often present their research results at regional, national, and international conferences and in the physics seminar.


Wyatt at the congress of the Canadian Association of Physicists in Sudbury, Ontario

Other ways to get involved

  • The StFX observatory always needs students who organize public observation sessions during astronomic events, or who help to set up the observatory for introductory astronomy classes.

  • The Physics Society is a student society which organizes many events throughout the year, including barbecues during summer, end-of-term socials, pre-seminar meetings and tutorial sessions for introductory courses.

  • Work as a lab assistant in first-year physics labs (and get paid for it).
  • Tutor other students.
  • Participate in our outreach activities, including a physics display at the May fest and demonstrations for high school classes.


Talk to the Chair of Physics to learn more about these opportunities.