Department of Physics


Physics is an incredibly diverse field, ranging from fundamental research (What are the fundamental particles of matter? What happened in the first second of the universe?) to developing new technologies and materials such as quantum cryptography, magnetic recording media, or graphene.



students  The StFX Physics department prides itself on the dedication of its faculty to teaching, their active research programs, and its friendly and collegial atmosphere. Our graduates receive a world-class degree in Physics in an environment where questions are welcomed and lively discussions are encouraged. Because StFX is primarily an undergraduate university, it offers a unique environment in which undergraduate students have many opportunities to get involved in research projects and the physics community. Our long list of undergraduate research publications demonstrates just how special studying Physics at StFX can be.


The center of our galaxy
The center of our galaxy (source: NASA)

If you consider studying physics, you may be interested to learn that a degree in physics can even compete with engineering when it comes to job opportunities (find out more in our fact sheet about careers for physicists). In a BSc program in physics you will acquire skills that pave the way for a great variety of jobs, from research and development via medicine to programming. Besides, it also offers the chance to learn more about some of the coolest facts about the universe.




If you are already convinced that physics is the right field of study for you, the fact sheet may also inform you about why StFX can be the right place. You may be surprised to learn how many advantages StFX can offer.