Quantum Optics Theory Group at StFX

Our research deals predominantly with the interaction between atoms or molecules and light. However, it touches a huge variety of topics, including quantum optics and quantum information, stopping and retrieving light, the coldest matter in the universe (Bose-Einstein condensates), fundamental questions in quantum physics, gauge fields, and relativity.


  • Peter Marzlin, Group Leader
  • Isaac Nearing, 2020-21. Isaac works on relativistic quantum physics.
  • Thomas Hujon, 2019-20. Thomas worked on accelerated charge distributions.
  • Liam Farell, 2018. Liam worked on accelerated electrons.
  • Bryan Canam, 2018-19. Bryan worked Atomic force microscopes.
  • James Kendall, 2017. James worked on photonic band gaps.
  • Creighton Jewkes, 2017. Creighton worked on the Bell paradox.
  • Sachin Mohandas, 2017. Sachin worked on molecular interferometry.
  • Pheerawich Chitnelawong, 2016. Pheerawich worked on generalized forces in Relativity.
  • Bryce Fitzgerald, 2015-16. Bryce worked on distribution splitting in quantum optics
  • Michael Kinach, 2014-16. Michael worked on light propagation in curved space-time
  • Taylor Landry, 2013-15. Taylor worked on Raman spectroscopy and the foundations of quantum theory.
  • Rachel Kiefl, 2014-15. Rachel worked on the quantum measurement process.
  • Stephen Deering, 2012-14. Stephen worked on open quantum systems in phase space.
  • Thomas Lee, 2011-12. Thomas worked on relativistic quantum mechanics
  • Anuraj Panwar, postdoc 2010-12. Anuraj worked on atom-plasma mixtures
  • Jeremie Choquette, PhD student 2008-12. Jeremie worked on quantum electrodynamics of surface plasmons
  • Victoria Bishop, summer student 2010. Victoria worked on counterfactual quantum communication