Peter's Quantum Mine Sweeper

Quantum Mine Sweeper is a logical game with a physical background. To play it you need no knowledge of physics at all. You only have to accept a certain fact: wave-particle duality.

I purposely wrote accept instead of "understand". Even physicists have only become accustomed to this weird but well-established phenomenon which lies at the heart of quantum mechanics. The latter describes the world of molecules and atoms as well as subatomic particles to an exceptional degree of accuracy. You may find more about wave-particle duality in the instructions to Quantum Mine Sweeper.

Quantum Mine Sweeper is based on my favorite example of wave-particle duality: interaction-free measurement. This idea was put forward during the 1990s by Elizur and Vaidman and demonstrates the counter-intuitive nature of the quantum world in a particularly intriguing way. You may find links to some scientists working on interaction-free measurement in the instructions.

In 2010 Goren Gordon has published another quantum mine sweeper game. It is based on similar physics, I recommend to check it out.

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