Wallbank-Weingartshofer Prize for Experimental Physics


B.Sc. 1970, Lanchester Polytechnic, U.K.
M.Sc. 1971, Essex University, U.K.
Ph.D. 1974, Liverpool University, U.K.




Dr. Tony Weingartshofer


Dr. Tony Weingartshofer
D.Sc. 1955, Université Laval
Member of the Department 1954 - 1988





The Wallbank-Weingartshofer Prize for Experimental Physics is awarded to a graduating student in physics who, in the judgment of the faculty of the StFX Physics Department, has shown particular aptitude for experimental physics. The value of the prize will be $500. The winner of the prize will be announced at convocation.

The department uses the following criteria in determining the prize recipient.

  1. Experimental skill and aptitude as demonstrated in research in the department as well as in the laboratories associated with course work.
  2. Students in joint degrees with Physics as "Science A" are eligible.
  3. The winner is not determined on the basis of course grades, but instead, in the judgment of the department, on the basis of a demonstrated particular flair and skill for experimental physics.
  4. If the department decides that no student meets the criteria in a particular year, the award will not be given.
  5. No application on the part of the student is necessary.

Dr. Denise Wallbank has generously set up the prize to be given in honour of her late husband, Dr. Barry Wallbank, and also to recognize the contribution that Dr. Tony Weingartshofer made to the StFX Physics Department and the physics community.

Winners to date

2009-10 Ben Jantzen
2010-11 Alexandra MacDonald
2011-12 Not awarded
2012-13 Not awarded
2013-14 Peter Faour
2014-15 Alex Louli
2015-16 Not awarded
2016-17 Nukhalu Callaghan-Patrachar
2017-18 James Kendall
2018-19 Patrick O'Brien
2019-20 Sean Murphy
2020-21 Noah Tessema