Ethics, Politics, and Law

A Concentration for Students in Political Science and Philosophy

Many students who pursue majors and honours degrees in Political Science and Philosophy are interested in careers in law, politics, or government. The Faculty of Arts is pleased to recommend a new Concentration in Ethics, Politics, and Law that is available to students in one of the following programs:

  • Honours in Philosophy, with Subsidiary in Political Science
  • Honours in Political Science, with Subsidiary in Philosophy
  • Joint Advanced Major in Political Science and Philosophy
  • Joint Major in Philosophy and Political Science
  • Major in Political Science, with Minor in Philosophy
  • Major in Philosophy, with Minor in Political Science

In other words, if you are in any degree program including both Political Science and Philosophy, this new concentration in Ethics, Politics, and Law is open to you. This is an excellent option for students who regard their St.F.X. degree as a pre-law degree.

To achieve this concentration, which will be prominently noted on your transcript, you must fulfill the normal requirements for Honours, Subsidiary, Advanced Major, Major, or Minor in each Department. In addition, you must also complete the following course requirements for each Department (but note: these requirements also overlap with the other requirements and thus do not place an extra burden on you).

PSCI. You must complete 15 credits from among the following 3-credit courses:

PSCI 321, Federalism
PSCI 335, Human Rights and International Justice
PSCI 341, Canadian Public Administration
PSCI 342, Canadian Public Policy
PSCI 343, Law and Politics
PSCI 344, Citizenship and Identity
PSCI 353, International Organizations

PHIL. You must complete 12 credits, as follows:

PHIL 251, Critical Thinking
PHIL 331, Ethical Theories
PHIL 372, Philosophy of Law
    And at least one of:
    PHIL 201, Ancient & Medieval Political Philosophy or
    PHIL 202, Modern Political Philosophy or
    PHIL 371, Social and Political Philosophy

For more information, please consult the Chairs of either Department:
Political Science, Dr. Jim Bickerton,; 902-867-3939
Philosophy, Dr. William Sweet,; 902-867-2341