Gabrielle Daoust

4073 Mulroney Hall
(902) 867-3936

Ph.D. (Sussex)

Gabrielle Daoust earned her PhD in International Relations from the University of Sussex (UK) in 2018. Between 2018 and 2020, she was a postdoctoral research fellow in Political Ecology and International Relations at the University of Sussex. Her research focuses on the political economy of conflict, peacebuilding, and development; environmental security and the relationships between climate change, water, and conflict; and experiences of international intervention. Her research focuses particularly on the Lake Chad region and Sudan and South Sudan. For the past 10 years, she has also been involved in numerous research projects with international organisations such as UNICEF and with government bodies.


International relations, conflict and security, international development



Contact Information

Department of Political Science
St. Francis Xavier University
Brian Mulroney Institute of Government
2330 Notre Dame Avenue
Antigonish, NS  
B2G 2W5



Recent Publications

J. Selby and G. Daoust (2021) Rapid evidence assessment on the impacts of climate change on migration patterns. London: Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. research-for-development-outputs/rapid-evidence-assessment-on-the-impacts-of-climate-change-on-migration-patterns

G. Daoust and S. L. Dyvik (2021), ‘Reconceptualizing vulnerability and safeguarding in the humanitarian and development sector’, Social Politics. 

G. Daoust and S. L. Dyvik (2020), 'Knowing safeguarding: the geopolitics of knowledge production in the humanitarian and development sector', Geoforum, 112, pp. 96-99. forum.2020.02.015

D. Orr, G. Daoust, et al (2019) Evidence review for safeguarding in international development research. Report for the UK Collaborative on Development Research. Brighton: University of Sussex.

M. Novelli, G. Daoust, et al (2016) Exploring the linkages between education sector governance, inequity, conflict, and peacebuilding in South Sudan. Nairobi: UNICEF Eastern and Southern Regional Office.