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Ethics Approval: Undergraduate Research Projects

Ethics approval is required for all undergraduate research with human participants.

Honours Students: In accordance with Tri-Council policy, all honours students' research with human participants must be approved by the University Research Ethics Board. Once the Department of Political Science Research Ethics Board (REB) completes its review of such files, the Coordinator of the Departmental REB, on behalf of the student, forwards the file to the University REB for final deliberation and approval. This two-part process is intended to recognize departmental expertise in subject areas and to meet the Tri-Council guidelines. The StFX REB does not wish to delay honours students' research, so every effort will be made to review these projects in an efficient manner. However, special attention will be paid to research projects involving high risk and/or particularly vulnerable groups of participants.

Other Undergraduate Research: Ethics approval for other undergraduate research and for course-based research will continue to be reviewed at the departmental level only. 

Students are required to complete the “StFX Research Ethics Board Application”, available: 

For additional information of the University REB, please refer to:

Please submit completed forms and attachments to:

Human Participants Review Committee, Research Ethics Board
Department of Political Science